The Ontario Association of Radiology Managers was originally established in response to the need for an educational and communication forum for Managers in Imaging Departments throughout the province of Ontario. Today, the OARM consists of imaging leaders such as directors, managers, charge technologists and supervisors from both hospital and clinic settings with a goal to enhance diagnostic imaging and patient care services.
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Current Newsletter is now posted for members.

Annual Conference, September 13-15, 2017
Planning is underway for another exciting conference at  Hockley Valley Resort in fall 2017. Our team is working on final details. Registration is now available for everyone. Remember to book your own hotel with the information on the registration page.

MidTerm Meeting - May 10, 2017
Plans are already underway for another informative Mid Term meeting. This year we are trying something different. We are having a webinar from 12 noon to 1pm. Some details are now available here.  

Presentations made at the last meeting are available to members in the Conference Presentation Section of the website. Registration information will be available soon.

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